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Q: IR Camera daytime image quality is good, but night image become whitish.

A: Possible reason: There is reflectors in the environment or the cameras used in a narrow range environment.

     Solution1: Try to improve the environment (wider environment and no reflectors ). 

     Solution2: Check the distance which you used is appropriate with the effective ir distance, if long ir distance camera used in a small room, the ir led light is too strong to cause whitening image.


Q: Why no image after connect the ipc?

A: Possible reason: the power supply

    Solution: Try to change a bigger power supply

    Possible reason: Network is not connected.

    Solution: Connect your PC to network directly, checking whether it works normally or not. Exclude faulty of cable first, faulty network caused by computer virus until it is expedite with the command of Ping.


Q: Administration account was locked

APossible reason: On NVR, login password more than 3 times. Or when access remotely, enter wrong login password above 3 times.

Solution: Disconnect NVR network cable, and tell us NVR local time, we will apply super password for you. Then login this super password to change pass.


Q: When screen switch, it turns to 1st channel automatically.

APossible Reason: the resolution is different with the camera.

    Solution: Enter NVR main menu ---- System ---- Output mode ---- change the resolution as the camera.


Q: No image afer IPC connect NVR.

APossible reason: NVR and IPC network segment is different

     Solution: Keep the same network segment.

    Possible reason: Network cable is damaged, or the network cable crystal head connection from IPC to switch is different with the switch to NVR. There are two connection ways for network cable crystal head,   one is parallel interconnection, another is cross connection.

   Solution: Use parallel interconnection way.


Q: There are a few channels is black or cannot connect successfully when NVR connect IPC.

AReason: There are same ip address between these ip cameras.

     Solution: Set different ip address, keep each ipc ip address is different.

     Reason: Check if the ip cameras stream is big or not.

     Solution: Login the device on IE browser to adjust lower stream (720P ipc default stream is 3M, 1080P is 6M)


Q: The screen which connected to NVR flashed.

AReason: Check if the same network cables two ports connect to switch together

    Solution: Remove this cable


Q: The time on NVR and IPC is different.

AReason: The version of ipc and nvr is low

    Solution: Upgrade IPC and NVR to the latest version.


Q: When NVR connect IPC, NVR can search all ipc, but 1~2 channels cannot connect successfully, or it can be displayed once connected, but the channels will be black after a while.

AReason: Check if the ipc stream is set too big or not.

     Solution: Login the device on IE browser to adjust lower stream (720P ipc default stream is 3M, 1080P is 6M)


Q: The CMS software cannot be installed or cannot run normally.

AReason: The operation system is WIN98 or lower.

    Solution: Update the operation system to WIN2000sp4 or higher version.


Q: It is failed to login on CMS software.

APossible reason1: The hardware problem caused the network connection.

    Possible reason2: If the NVR is no problem, it will be network connection problem.

     Solution: 1) Check the indicator light of ethernet port is normal or not.

                       2) The device and computer ip address should be the same network segment. Check if the ipc ip address can PING or not.

                       3) Ensure the NVR port is open or not, and check the network connection is correct.


Q: Do I have to pay for the software when I purchase HD megapixel IP camera from JSD?

ANo, the software is free, it comes with the order, just install the software into your computer and play.


Q I am not a professional security installer, can I install your security system by myself?

A Sure, you can. We have our own installation team in domestic, and our professional technicians with many years of experience in installing security system will guide you to install our security camera system. 


Q: Why cannot I hear sound when surveillance?

APossible Reason: No audio input connection

    Solution: Check the audio connection 

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