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What is ONVIF
Source:VISTA Technology | Time:2011/8/5 16:35:00


In 2008 May, the axis (AXIS) combined with Bosch (BOSCH) and Sony (SONY) have set up an international open network video products standard network interface development forum, named ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum), and customize open industry standard with public and open principles.

As of Mar. 2011, there were already 279 companies to join the ONVIF membership.
In Nov. 2008, the forum officially released the first version of ONVIF specification.
In Nov. 2010, the forum has released 2nd version of the ONVIF specification. The device realizes real-time audio and video camera, PTZ control, video control, video analysis etc..

Realization of ONVIF standard
Defined by the ONVIF specification of equipment management and control part of the interface are provided in the form of Web Services. The ONVIF specification covers the definition of XML and WSDL complete. Each terminal equipment that supports ONVIF standard should be provided with the function of the corresponding Web Service. The client server and data exchange using SOAP protocol. ONVIF realizes in the other parts such as audio and video stream through the RTP/RTSP.

The advantages of ONVIF specification:
Synergy: Different manufacturers provide different products, which can communicate by a unified "language" ONVIF, it can realize integrate the surveillance system.

Flexibility: The users need not be bound by some inherent equipment solutions. Greatly reduced the development cost.
Guarantee of quality: the continued expansion of the specification will be guided by the market, follow the norms also satisfy the mainstream user demands.

ONVIF bring what changes?
Changes in PU and CMU interaction.
CMU is no longer with the PU to keep the long connection.
Following the ONVIF specification, signaling and message content have a unified standard

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